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Congratulations, Ken Ng and Steven Sanftner, of Saint Paul!
Winners of the 2015 TC Treasure Hunt On A Stick

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TC Treasure Hunt On A Stick

August 27-September 7, 2015

May I have everyone's attention briefly, if you please?
This one's for all you Minnesota State Fair attendees:
One last hurrah for summertime, which went by much too fast;
Twelve days of fun through Labor Day—enjoy them while they last!

Our prize is in plain sight, so please forget your treasure tools.
No parking lot or livestock pen; obey all posted rules!
Take your time, relax a while, enjoy the food and sun;
The TC Treasure Hunt On A Stick has only just begun!

It could be tough to find the prize through sheer determination;
You might be wise to use the process of elimination.
The fair is full of fun and games and things to see and do:
Buy the ticket, take the ride, and get a better view.

As we narrow down the search, and lead you toward the prize,
You'd do well to remember you can't always trust your eyes.
'X' doesn't mark the spot this time; avoid that old cliché.
And though it's mighty tempting, there's no need to go halfway.

The prize is camouflaged from view, the way that we designed it,
So, without knowing where to look, it could be hard to find it:
A proper treasure hunt requires a proper treasure map,
Or—as with everything these days—there's probably an app.

Treasure hunters are almost always naturally resourceful,
But here at the fair those hunters will most likely be remorseful.
So too will be the hunters who go searching the west end,
And if you seek a miracle, then you're up the creek, my friend.

Are fresh-cut french fries, vinegar, and ketchup what you crave?
Or maybe fresh-squeezed lemonade and sweet corn are your fave?
Perhaps Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar and all the milk you can drink?
Which Get-Together get-together is greatest, do ya think?

No need to seek adventure, or political glad-handing;
Quit carousing, stop barnstorming, cut out that grandstanding!
Don't watch your chances flutter by; don't let them slide away;
Speak softly, carry a big stick, and let the music play.

One week down, five days to go; the fair is in full stride,
But no fairgoer has yet claimed the treasure hid inside.
Half a dozen decoys make it tough to tell apart;
Your path of victory awaits—pitch in and do your part!

"Against all odds" could be a phrase that might help you succeed,
But if you seek out arts and culture, then your odds will go to seed.
Don't get too creative, or administrative—it's not the cream of the crop;
It would be bizarre if you travelled this far and still didn't come out on top.

CLUE #10
Who doesn't love a good parade?—the crowd's expectant thrum,
Batons, and flags, and marching to the pounding of the drum.
To bring the fair back to its roots would not at all be folly;
You've thrown away all of the odds, and now you're on the trolley!

CLUE #11
At this point, odds are good you've crossed off nearly half the map:
You've made a lot of progress; why not pause here to recap?
It's been quite an experience—a deep-fried, fun-filled pleasure.
Still baffled? Just remember: One man's trash—another's treasure.

CLUE #12
Here at the end of this Hunt On A Stick, you'd be smart to think green.
Reduce, reuse, recycle—it's our fair, let's keep it clean!
Don't get sucked up into the vortex, or get flushed down the drain;
An experience like this one requires effort to sustain.

The feat of photosynthesis is truly off the wall:
Bushes, flowers, potted plants, and trees—they help us all.
Surely things started out murky in this quest to find the stash,
But now it's clear that it's a sign: It's time to take out the trash.

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