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Congratulations Alex Valen, of Minneapolis!
Winner of the 2015 Bon Appétit Mini-Hunt

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Bon Appétit Mini-Hunt

July 12, 2015


«Bonjour à tous!» Good morning, all—let's rise and greet the sun!
The TC Treasure «Bon Appétit» Mini-Hunt's begun!

The prize you seek is hidden in our good old «Villes Jumelles»—
A hiding place with downtown views and, truly, «c'est si belle!»

The winners will be wined and dined—a night of «haute cuisine»:
Fifty Blue Plate Restaurant bucks; now, wouldn't that be keen?


As you stroll the «promenade», and noodle for the find,
It would be best for you to keep a couple things in mind:

Do not hunt with any tools; from private land steer clear;
And golf courses are not in play, so please do not go near.

Beyond all that, you're on your own; let common sense prevail.
Now, as they say in France, «dépêchez-vous» and hit the trail!


Many «bêtes fantastiques» live here in this verdant land.
«Enchanté!», you might just say, when in this place you stand.

Look through your dictionary; search it well from A to Z;
Locate a stormy phantom, placed in loving memory.

Our prize's site is hidden to the west of an old man.
No two ways about it, here; now claim it if you can.


«Il était une fois» is how all fairy tales begin,
But sadly, we too often miss the treasure hid within.

Marty's «nom de plume royale» should prove a crucial clue;
And if you're doubtful, just remember: I believe in you.

Four years gone, though not forgotten—legend will endure:
A «château» in the east, where she'll live «heureux pour toujours».


Bus, car, truck, boat, bike, or foot—whichever be your chariot—
«Prenez-le, vite—tout de suite!—aux rives de Harriet».

A bank and a «banc»—both indicate the treasure's secret harbor,
Where a «petite famille» built a secret humble home amid the arbor.

The map's now pared to a tiny space—therefore, thus, and thence:
This mini-hunt is mini in the very truest sense.


«Trouvez un petit bonhomme» who lives all by himself;
He lives here in the summertime, but winters on the shelf.

His house is on the southern bank, but rarely is he home—
«Parlez, ami, et entrez» if you chance upon our gnome.

Leave the spot most undisturbed; take only what you seek!
Please close the door behind you when off with the loot you sneak.


Congratulations to Team Annex—they found the spot and won!
Of all the hunters this go 'round, they proved second to none.

Mr. Little Guy sends his «félicitations» too:
Our hero left a bonus for the victors—«sacré bleu!»

Now, it may seem «petit bourgeois», but French food's not for me:
On-a-stick and deep-fat-fried's how all good fare should be!

Great Minnesotans, get together for your next expedition:
On August 27th we commence another mission!

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